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Awards & Recognition

The Service Award is bestowed upon a brother who has given considerable time and work specific to the lodge and has made it a better place for the brethren to assemble and be a part of.

The Master Mason of the Year Award is awarded to a brother for his efforts both within the lodge and outside, adhering to the tenets of masonry, a true role model for other brethren and for his work benefiting the craft.

Over the years these awards have been conferred on and off by various Master's.  As we learn more about our previous recipients we will update this page accordingly.  In recent times, the outgoing Master has awarded these distinctions at our Annual Communication.

St. Paul's Service Award

2016 - WB David Brown & Bro. George Barcus

St. Paul's Master Mason of the Year

2016 - Charles E. O'Hara IV