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Coming To A Theater Near You!

posted Apr 8, 2016, 5:22 AM by jpmanfredo   [ updated Apr 8, 2016, 5:25 AM ]
Have you heard? A new film is being shot in Rhode Island, and according to internet sources and a few of our brothers who were at the lodge the other day it will feature Robert Redford, Jason Segel, and Rooney Mara.  In the cold and rain, several extras were on hand to film a cemetery scene using the cemetery behind St. Paul's Lodge.

According to Variety: 

The sci-fi love story is set in a world where the existence of an afterlife has been scientifically proven. Millions of people are now taking their own lives in the hopes that committing suicide is akin to pushing a reset button.

Redford plays the man responsible for the discovery, Segel portrays his son and Mara is the woman Segel’s character falls in love with who’s haunted by a tragic past.

It was interesting to witness as the cold, windy, and rainy conditions saw several destroyed umbrellas and soaked extras, and even though the story line seems somber we are glad Rhode Island is still on the map for movie production


Scenes being shot in the cemetery