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Andrew Daigle

Brother Andrew Daigle was elected Master of St. Paul's Lodge #14 for 2016.  During his time in the East, Worshipful Brother Daigle oversaw several degrees including 2 Entered Apprentice Degrees and a joint Master Mason degree with St. Alban's Lodge #6.  In preparation for the Lodge's 200th anniversary, he set the stage by appointing an active committee to put plans in place and to mark the historic occasion.  Many of the programs for the Lodge included spreading light on the Masonic Restoration Movement and by-laws and constitution of the Grand Lodge.  Outside of the Lodge, he graciously hosted a BBQ at his home and directed that several social functions take place to bring the brethren together.

In addition to St. Paul's Lodge, WB Daigle is a member of St. Alban's Lodge #6 and St. John's Lodge #1.  Past Assistant Grand Lecturer, and a member of concordant bodies.

Officers of St.Paul's during the term of Worshipful Andrew Daigle

Senior Warden - Charles O'Hara IV
Junior Warden - David Brown
Treasurer - JC Redfearn
Secretary - David Lavery
Chaplain - Al Cameron
Senior Deacon - Joshua Manfredo
Junior Deacon - Pat McAulifee
Marshal - Dan Titus
Senior Steward - Alfred Garcia
Junior Steward - John Beese
Tiler - Job Payala
Sentinel - Robert Jerdan
Musical Director - Henry Blake