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Charles O'Hara

Charles E. O'Hara IV, was duly elected as the Worshipful Master of St. Paul's Lodge #14 in 2017, which itself was an interesting year for the Lodge.  The 200th anniversary of St. Paul's coincided during WB O'Hara's term in the East.  Never one to miss an opportunity, the lodge held several events to celebrate the occasion.  This included several building improvement projects, the commissioning of a wall painting, and a cornerstone re-dedication with clambake dinner.

In addition to his membership of St. Paul's, O'Hara is a 32nd degree Scottish Rite and likes to assist as much as possible in their programs.  A resident of Newport, RI, Charles is not hard to miss, he can usually be seen assisting in the kitchen and welcoming the new brethren into the lodge.  His interest include real estate holdings and collecting antique music pieces as well as the music itself.

Officers for 2017 include:

Joshua Manfredo, Senior Warden
Job Palaya, PM, Junior Warden
Steve Jennings, Treasurer
Michael Northup, Secretary
Al Cameron, Chaplain
John Shaw, Junior Deason
Robert Jerdan, Senior Steward
Anthony Paolino, Junior Steward
Nachum Renfrow, Sentinel