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David Stevens

David Stevens was made a Master Mason in St. John's Lodge #1 in 1867, and in 1875 he was one fo the members active in forming St. Paul's Lodge #14.  In 1883, WB Stevens was duly elected Master.  In addition to his blue lodge duties. Bro. Stevens was a Past High Priest of the Newport Royal Arch Chapter and had also held officer roles in the Grand Chapter of the State as well as Eminent Commander of Washington Commandery in 1874.  A well know citizen of the town he often gave of his time and labors to improve the community.  

David Stevens was the son of former Lieutenant Governor Pardon W. Stevens and Abby C. Stevens. Interestingly, his father, Pardon W. was the son of David Steven and Elizabeth (White) Stevens, Elizabeth was the daughter of Noah White, and a direct descednant of William White, one of the passengers of the "Mayflower" in 1620