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JC Redfearn

JC Redfearn was elected Worshipful Master of St. Paul's Lodge #14 in 2013.  Rising through the chairs rapidly, W.B. Redfearn brought revitalized energy and excitement to St. Paul's.  Among many things, he set the craft to work on many building improvements including roof repairs and new kitchen appliances.  New life and new members brought into the lodge during his time in the East has made St. Paul's a fun and enjoyable lodge to be part of.  One of JC's greatest accomplishments brought St. Paul's into the digital age by creating the website you view today.

His officers at the conclusion of his second term in 2014 include:
  • Sr. Warden - Bro. David Brown
  • Jr. Warden - Bro. George Clour
  • Treasurer - Bro. Steve Jennings
  • Secretary - Bro. Bob Friedman
  • Asst. Secretary - Bro. George Barcus
  • Chaplain - RW Al Cameron
  • Sr. Deacon - Bro. Charles O'Hara
  • Jr. Deacon - WB Job Palaya
  • Sr. Steward - Bro. Pat McCauliff
  • Jr. Steward - Bro. John Beese
  • Marshall - WB Dan Titus
  • Musical Director - RW Henry Blake
  • Sentinel - Bro. Travis Friedman
  • Tyler - Bro. Jerry Ims